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Please Note: Actual Dimensions / Color of product purchased may vary from sample above.

Enables Crew To Detect Engine Fires Quickly And Extinguish Them Safely
Allows you to visually inspect an engine compartment without opening it and adding oxygen to the fire
Concentrates extinguishing chemical
Gives you the opportunity to eliminate, or at least control, the situation until help can arrive
Lessens the risk of injury to crew members
Can be easily installed within minutes
Costs less than most small portable extinguishers
Available for both inboard and outboard applications

Image Item # Dimensions Color Price Quantity
  Fire Extinguisher Port/Engine Box
Fire Extinguisher Port/Engine Box 6800 2.700 in. Dia. White $10.40
  Fire Port for Outboard Engine
Fire Port for Outboard Engine 6850 1.750 in. Dia. Clear $3.77
  3-Piece Fire Port
3-Piece Fire Port 6860 N/A White $10.74
  Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Sticker
Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Sticker 6950 2.700 in. Dia Clear $6.71
  Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Ring
Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Ring 6960 2.700 in. Dia. Clear $7.44
  Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Ring & Sticker
Fire Extinguisher Port, Clear w/Ring & Sticker 6990 2.700 in. Dia Clear $9.73
  Fire Extinguisher Port, Hard Plastic w/Lid
Fire Extinguisher Port, Hard Plastic w/Lid 6999 2.825 in. Dia. White $9.73

Installation Guidelines
When drilling fiberglass, always wear safety glasses. It is also advisable to wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling any fiberglass dust.
For maximum effectiveness, your Fire Port(s) should be positioned as close to your carburetor as possible.
Drill a single 2" diameter hole in your engine box. Before drilling, mask the are with tape to reduce gelcoat chipping.
Position Fire Port and mark screw hole positions.
We recommend starting screw holes with a small diameter drill bit in order to avoid gelcoat cracking.
Bed the Fire Port with a marine-grade compound and screw into position using (4) stainless steel screws (screws not included).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product may not be appropriate for all
applications. Should you have any questions at all concerning the installation of a Marine East Fire Port, we recommend you contact your boat dealer or manufacturer.

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