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Since the company’s inception nearly two decades ago, MarineEast has become well-known throughout the Boating Industry for its innovative product design.
Building upon his years as a successful boat dealer, company Founder and Chief Designer Dave Thompson, began MarineEast with one purpose in mind – to improve the design and functionality of common components found on most fiberglass boats. Because of his close association with many of the industry’s leading boat builders, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process, Dave has acquired a unique ability to identify areas of need. Those areas are then addressed by MarineEast through a reengineering process that results in products that last longer, look better and improve manufacturing efficiencies – efficiencies that translate into better value for the boating consumer.

MarineEast products are molded of the best marine grade composites. From the very beginning, they are designed to last – as evidenced by the now famous "Hammer Test."

Over the years, boat show regulars have become accustomed to the noise and commotion surrounding the MarineEast booth. What started as a dare many years ago, has become both a tradition of sorts, and a testimony to the durability of our engineered plastics.

To demonstrate the strength of a particular part, one of our designers offered a non-believer the opportunity to give the piece his best shot with a hammer. The purpose was to demonstrate the amount of real-world punishment the product would take. The test proved to be a real winner, and has since become a regular feature of our exhibit. We remain extremely proud of the fact that our products have always passed the hammer test.

The product category that MarineEast has chosen to address has, for the most part, been of little concern to the average boater. Although an integral part of most fiberglass boats, many of our products are seldom seen. However, the integrity of those unseen thru-hulls*, hose barbs and other similar fittings has a direct bearing on your family’s safety while onboard. At MarineEast, we’re driven to innovate. We’re driven to develop new products while improving upon others. It is our mission to design products that serve to assure your continued boating pleasure.

* Prior to installing any thru-hull fitting, we strongly recommend that you consult your boat's builder and/or their authorized dealer nearest you.

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